Commissioner Cass joined the Belmont Fire department in 1975 and He has held many positions. Lenny is a Charter Member since the station’s inception. He took on the position of Commissioner from 1985-2009 and again from 2014 to the present. In 2006 Lenny became a life member. Lenny earned The prestigious Silver Crescent of South Carolina which was presented to him in 2010. Lenny volunteers much of his time here at the station, working on the current building renovations and as a safety officer. Lenny is married to Renee and his two sons Robert and Steven. The sacrifices Lenny has given can not be numbered at Belmont Fire Department and in the community. We at Belmont Fire Department are blessed to have him.

Commissioner Clark joined Belmont Fire Department in the 1980’s as a volunteer Firefighter. In 2009 he came on board giving of his time as Commission Chairman. Benny is married to Donna and has one daughter, Nicole and one son, Hayden. Benny has a sacrificial heart and does so much for Belmont Fire Department. He comes in on his spare time to check in on the firefighters. He is very appreciated.

Commissioner James Merrill has served since 1999 as a firefighter. He is currently serving in the capacity of Commission Secretary. He is Married to Tatia and has one Daughter, Azah and one Son, Chris. James is a valued member and serves sacrificially for this community.

Commissioner Robert E. Wilson Has been serving since 2004. He is Married to Marjorie and has five sons, Scott, Todd, Jeff, Stan and Greg. Robert is unwavering in his dedication to the department. Belmont Fire Department is privileged to have such loyalty.

Commissioner Jeff Bagwell Sr. is the longest living member at the Belmont Fire Department. Jeff started at Belmont as a Jr. Firefighter in the early seventies. At the age of seventeen Jeff was voted in as an actual member of the Belmont Fire Department in March of 1974. Jeff was probably the youngest actual member of the Belmont Fire Department before the age of eighteen. Jeff assisted with the Belmont Fire Police until he was old enough to become a firefighter. On Jeff’s eighteenth birthday he was issued his first set of turn out gear. Since that time he has held the positions of Volunteer Firefighter, Career Firefighter, Engineer, Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief, Commissioner and Life Member. Jeff gave up his position as Volunteer Assistant Chief to accept the appointment to his second Commission Seat. He filled the vacant Seat left by the passing of Mr. Leon V. Davis. Jeff felt this was what he needed to do to better serve his community and fellow firefighters. Jeff is married to Pam Bagwell and they have three sons, Jeffrey Jr., Jay, and Juston. They have four grandchildren. All of Jeff’s sons have also served as firefighters at Belmont at some point with his middle son Jay still being an active member and officer. Jeff is the operations manager at Greenville Wilbert Burial Vault Company. He enjoys his family, the outdoors, being on the lake and fishing.